The Socratic Supper Club

| Why




To make it easier for people in positions of power who share an interest in ethics and technology, to find each other, mobilize and collectively reinvent how we are solving for ethical realities relating to technology.

Further, to broaden the voices included in this conversation beyond assumed technological hotbeds like Silicon Valley or New York. This is why we began by hosting dinners in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

It’s called Socratic Supper after Socrates, a brainy Greek philosopher. He is considered one of the first people to dig-into the theme of ethics. He’s known for many things; ethics interlaces the majority of them.

In honour of Socrates and his contribution to the field of ethics, we named our supper club: Socratic Supper.

All Socratic Suppers are structured. Participants receive a question relating to tech & ethics before attending. They are expected to speak to that question at the dinner.

During the dinner, each guest writes an anonymous question. As a collective, we respond to it.

To keep the conversation focused and intimate, we’ve kept the number of guests to a dozen or so. All guests are briefed in the format of the dinner and expectations, before and during the dinner.

Given the people in the room and sensitive nature of the conversations, the Chatam House rule is our baseline for banter. It means, what happens in the room, stays in the room. Additionally, one of the hosts always acts as a timekeeper. Time and ensuring all participants are included in the conversation is a fixed modus operandi at our gatherings.