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Socratic Supper 1.0 - Dinners were held in China, Israel, the Netherlands, and Portugal. You can see select visuals here.

Socratic Supper 2.0 - We’re inviting companies and individuals to run their own Socratic Suppers. If that sounds like your jam, you can apply to host or participate here.

To give you a sense of participants, the below is a snapshot of the Socratic Supper x Amsterdam dinner.

Amsterdam, The NetherlandS | 52.3702° N, 4.8952° E


 Brasserie AMbassade

Snapshot of Participants AT: Socratic Supper x AMsterdam*

(*Caveat: We're not choosing favourites. We are making it easy to see a glimpse of certain brains included in this gathering.)


GER BAron | CTO of The City of Amsterdam.

The CTO of the city of Amsterdam. He started at Accenture, working as an analyst. Moved to Amsterdam Innovation Motor (AIM) to develop ICT, and became responsible for clustering Amsterdam’s ICT. Specifically, focusing on creating public and private partnerships, many of which related to Amsterdam’s Smart City initiative. Ger is now responsible for driving innovation, R&D, technology-themed partnerships within the city of Amsterdam. He also serves as the president of the City Protocol Society, and shockingly, is an avid cyclist.


Brasserie Ambassade | Our Partner in Dining PleasurE.

Special thanks to Brasserie Ambassade in Amsterdam, Chef Erik Zonjee and his thoughtful team.

You were diligent, wildly considerate in details, created remarkable food, and even brought towels for guests that arrived during a rigorous rainstorm. Thank you for your energy, and time.


Ancilla van de Leest | Dutch politician, producer, presenter, activist, & former fetish modeL.

She was the leader of the Pirate Party in the 2017 parliamentary elections. Ancilla works with the Wakker Dier Foundation to help defend the rights of animals in the cattle industry. She is deeply committed to privacy rights and active with Bits of Freedom Foundation to that theme. She hosted an internet workshop for MPs in collaboration with Bright (Dutch magazine that focuses on technology, design and style), and regularly writes opinions on privacy and data protection for and Het Financieele Dagblad (Dutch newspaper focusing on economy & business).


Alix Rübsaam | phd candidate, Posthumanism & philosophy of technology.

Alix is a researcher on Posthumanism and philosophy of technology. She is currently completing her PhD at the University of Amsterdam and working at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis. She speaks on HR and artificial intelligence, and a broad range of additional topics relating to the intersection of computers and humans. In 2015, she graduated from the Global Solutions Program at Singularity University, where she studied exponential technologies. Her most recent publication is a chapter in a book on Augmented Intelligence: The Future of Work and Learning (mid 2017).