The Socratic Supper Club

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Thank you for taking the time to apply to our global tech & ethics dinner series. We’re glad to have you here. Below are some questions to help us get to know you better.

We are now accepting host applications for 2019. Notifications of approval will be sent out within ~14 days of submission.

How it works: if approved as a host, you’ll receive a kit. This toolkit includes brand guidelines, detailed instructions for hosting a Socratic Supper (dialogue structure, timelines, venue suggestions, prep lists, and more).

Name *
Are you applying on behalf of a company, organization, or as an individual host? *
If you are applying on behave of a technology company, are you an Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer?
This dinner series is not affiliated with Amazon, but was started by an executive at that company. For this reason, we want to make it easy for people within the same community who care about 'tech & ethics' to find each other.
If you are an AWS customer, would you like us to put you in touch with other AWS people in your geographical area?
The idea is to make it easier for you to find each other, co-host dinners, etc.
What season (or quarter) would you like to host? We encourage companies to commit to four dinners over the course of the year. One dinner per season (or quarter). However, this is not mandatory. *
If you are able to host for all seasons (or quarters), select all.
What is the first date for your socratic supper? *
What is the first date for your socratic supper?
100 words or less, please.
Do you have someone in mind who can visually document the gathering? *
This is a structured dinner, and we've found it's best to off-load the photography to someone who is not a participant, and can focus on capturing visuals.
Are you comfortable sharing images from your event(s) with our team to share in social media channels or as collateral? *
Please note: There is a photographic release form for participants, which is included in the host toolkit.
Will you include options for participants who have dietary restrictions or preferences? *
Examples include: vegetarian, vegan, celiac friendly, halal, kosher, etc.